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But I would have to see its internal wiring to confirm that it does not have common ground. You would have to manually pull the plug from one socket and put it into another, but it would allow to switch all ten connections in one move, break-before-make. And ideally it would allow to switch from any to any device say from amp no. Thu Aug 04, 2: Like this:

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One comment Jon wilson says:

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Connecting 2 amplifiers to one set of speakers: making an amp/speakers selector switch

We used speaker wire to connect the binding posts to the switch. Apr 25 Posts: Some dashboards have clips were you can pop your dash off and other cars have some screws you need to take off before you pop it off and it's the same with door panels. If you add in too many amps, and they draw too much power, you may need to upgrade your alternator or install a stiffening cap. Fix the problem by running the power wire to the left of the driver side seat and placing the amp and RCA's under the passenger seat. Active switchboxes are a different story, in my experience they do degrade sound and have their own background noise. The Car Audio Help DVD catalog includes five different videos covering many areas of car audio installation and custom fabrication.

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